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Claiming Your Profile

By accurately completing your profile, you allow Title | Pipe™ to streamline aspects of your transaction.


Access Transactions

Open escrow in Title | Pipe™ to simplify and secure each transaction with your preferred settlement company.


Leverage Resources

Title | Pipe™ is not difficult, it’s new. Leverage our resources to create a predictable process in your business.

Claiming Your Profile

By accurately completing your profile, you allow Title | Pipe™ to streamline aspects of your transaction.

Step #1 - Accept Email Invite OR Sign Up
You will receive an invitation from your broker to accept your Title|Pipe™ profile. By accepting the invite you will be taken to Title|Pipe™ to continue to step two. You can also sign up using the button at the top right corner.
Step #2 - Authenticate Account & Claim Profile
During this step, you will need to accurately claim and authenticate your profile. This step is pertinent to an efficient and secure transaction.
Click the button below to receive the
step by step guide to claim your profile

" Title | Pipe™ allows me to track and monitor all of my transactions in a single location."

Access Transactions

Easily open escrow or join an existing transaction in Title | Pipe™ to securely collaborate with ALL transaction parties.

Quick Start Tips

Position yourself as the expert by using these tips when necessary

“Sensitive information is serious. We’ve chosen Title | Pipe™ for real-time collaboration because it’s more inclusive, accurate, and flexible for you to use. Most industry users have already started adopting this standard. The alternative is a login for each email, which is not as flexible. Are you good with joining everyone else already in Title | Pipe™?”

  • Have them contact Title | Pipe™ support 888-473-4980
  • Share our role specific solutions pages (Reference Links At Bottom of Page)
  • Request for information – Add to Title | Pipe™ details tab (Reference Video Here)
  • Request for action – Create a task (Reference Video Here)
  • Conversation – Start a task chat (Reference Video Here)
  • Received documents – Drag & drop into Title | Pipe™ (Reference Video Here)

" All communication and documents are available in Title | Pipe™. Making transaction management easier than ever. "

Leverage Title | Pipe™ in Your Business

Fold each of these items into your business model to grow your business organically

Title | Pipe™ Marketing Toolbox
Promote to your clients and other industry professionals that security is of upmost importance using our security partner social media, flyers, blog posts, and more!
Initial New Order Email
Once an offer is accepted, reaching out to transaction participants will inform everyone on what to expect when working through a transaction, alleviating questions surrounding Title | Pipe™.
Buyers' Clause Statement
By adding this statement below to the buyer terms and conditions on each purchase & sale contract, you will create awareness and ensure a smoother transaction in Title | Pipe™ for all parties.  
” Buyer requests escrow to be opened through Title | Pipe™ “
Listing Agent Remarks & MLS Documents
Add the statement below to the agent remarks, and upload the document below to each listing you are a part of. This process creates awareness of Title | Pipe™ and ensures a smoother 
transaction for all parties.
” For offer, instruction see docs”
Transaction Coordinator Best Practices
Create predictability and increase efficiency for every transaction using our role specific best transaction for all parties.

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