Keep your money safe from wire fraud!

When conducting a real estate transaction, it is imperative to stay alert; cybercriminals (hackers) constantly look for their next victim of wire fraud. As a Title | Pipe™ security partner, every transaction you manage in our platform is encrypted and secured at rest and in transit, guaranteeing protection from wire fraud. Outside of utilizing Title | Pipe™, there are other steps your business can take to protect your transaction, such as securing your email account. 

Is your email account secure?

Email is typically the cause of fraudulent activity during a real estate transaction. By securing your email account, you are taking steps in the right direction towards protecting your transaction. 

What Is Two-Step Email Verification?

Two-step email verification is a simple process to validate that the device (laptop, phone, tablet) you are using has authorizable access. For example, if someone attempts to access your email with a two-step verification activated, you will receive a notification requesting authorization to enter your email. Depending on if you are the one attempting, you can accept or deny the request. Additionally, if there are too many attempts to log in to your account, additional verification will need to continue using your account. 

If someone steals your password, they can: 

How Does Two-Step Verification Work?

What Are the Verification Codes?

When you log in to a device that is not marked, “trusted” you will need to receive a one-time, time-sensitive verification code consisting of different letters and numbers. The code you enter must match the code you receive precisely, or you will not be able to access your email. 

How Does Two-Step Verification Protect My Account?

Don’t have Gmail? Check out other verification options from your provider:

Through the use of these steps, you can actively protect your transaction. At Title | Pipe™, we understand that these items can be stressful and time-consuming. We designed our platform to passively protect your transaction starting from an accepted offer until your transaction closes (and beyond). 

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