• Online Access from Any Device
  • One Pipeline for All Transactions
  • Notification Preferences
  • Secure Chat and Tasking
  • Secure Document Management
  • Advanced File Sharing

Title | Pipe™ is the universal platform,
built for the real estate industry.

Bringing all parties together in a single platform for collaboration and accountability.


No matter your company or role in a transaction, we have you covered.

Users can securely view information the way it is best for them.

Select your typical transaction role for a personalized experience

Title | Pipe™ is Device Independent

Stay up-to-date and immediately communicate changes to your team members and customers.
Through our secure and responsive web app, you have ultimate control of your involvement in your transactions.

Use on any device

Title Pipe allows transaction participants to quickly and easily be brought together to access transaction details, engage with other transaction participants, and share required documents to properly close your transaction.  Integrated with DocuSign, Title Pipe further enables quick and secure e-sign options for your document needs.  Additionally, Title Pipe provides pro-active notifications according to each users’ communication preferences to ensure that transaction participants are quickly and effectively made aware of pertinent updates to transaction status, participation, documents, tasks and funding information.

Title Pipe was built for real estate transactions.   This means that the application can (and should) be used by anyone involved in a real estate transaction.  Each and every real estate transaction carry with it the need to securely and efficiently gather and share important transaction details and documents that are unique to the transaction itself.  Title Pipe ensure that all transaction participants – no matter how specific their role may be, with the ability to quickly access transaction details, share important information and documents and receive notifications on updates to the transaction.   Using Title Pipe ensures that right people have the right information at the right time, so transactions are closed more efficiently and securely.  Not only does Title Pipe ensure a more streamlined and transparent closing experience it also greatly reduces the risk associated with wire fraud and identity theft.

Easily.  There are 2 primary ways to initiate use of Title Pipe. 1.) use the signup button to create a new account* or 2.) Receive an emailed invitation to join a transaction or company that has been started and follow the guided process.

Title Pipe is a cloud software as a a service platform using multiple layers of security, authentication, and encryption to protect information at rest and in transit.  We use similar security standards and practices as many major financial institutions.  Information, documentation, and instructions reside in the protect pipe for access rather than pushing this sensitive information into unsecure spaces.

Transactions in Title Pipe are started by specific roles such as escrow officers, agents, transaction coordinators, lender and mortgage brokers or their support staff.  All other roles join a transaction by being invited by another transaction participant.

Title Pipe was created to provide residential and commercial transaction members secure transparency into a process that is very complex.  No other solution alleviates liability due to wire fraud, sensitive information leaks, mass email, or consumer confusion while promoting widespread industry participant adoption and efficiencies.

Based on decades of experience in real estate and technology industries, we seek to help real estate professionals and their clients in reducing the complexity, time and effort associated with closing real estate transactions.  We are a disruptive technology that makes a difference made by people who want to help.

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